Gerard Lighting has released a new range of LED luminaires featuring integrated sensors that respond to movement to provide light where and when it’s needed, ensuring greater efficiency, safety and energy savings.

Designed for installation in areas that don’t need constant illumination, Gerard Lighting’s two new fixtures with integrated sensors include the Pierlite Eco LED Colour Select Batten and Orion Eco Colour Select LED Oyster. Both products use special in-built High Frequency (HF) technology sensors that allow the luminaire to switch on when movement is detected, and turn off after an adjustable hold time. Featuring sensors that are either ‘plug-and-go’ or pre-wired into the fixture, the range reduces installation time and associated costs while offering potential cost and energy savings in the future.

Both the Colour Select Batten and the Orion Oyster incorporate a built-in sensor with adjustable detection ranges (100%/ 75%/ 50%/ 10%) and hold times (from 5 seconds to 15 minutes).

Pierlite Eco LED Colour Select Batten

Featuring a built-in sensor with adjustable detection ranges and hold times for total control and flexibility, this luminaire is ideal for use in storage rooms, covered car parks, and commercial, retail and residential applications. The sensor is pre-wired into the fixture with no additional terminations, making for a quick and easy install for the electrician.

Pierlite Orion Eco LED Oyster

The perfect luminaire for surface mounting in residential and commercial interior spaces, where there is limited space in the ceilings, Pierlite Orion Eco LED Oyster comes with an integrated sensor that can sense both movement and daylight, giving you exactly the right light. The Orion Oyster is available in three popular sizes and wattages along with three colour temperatures. Key features also include an opalised acrylic diffuser that provides a uniform lit appearance and an integral driver together with a twist and lock diffuser for ease of installation.