Australia and New Zealand’s leading lighting company Gerard Lighting will now be known as GLG. The change of name reflects the lighting specialist’s evolution from being a product provider to an organisation with an innovative solutions-based approach.

Set up almost a century ago, the company is responsible for leading brands including Pierlite, Sylvania, Austube and Inlite among many more. GLG now aims to bring people seamless lighting experiences by combining worldwide expertise with local know-how. Brands such as ‘Pierlite’ and ‘Sylvania’ will service the market’s indoor and outdoor lighting segments respectively, distributing their market-leading offerings across key segments including commercial, industrial, health, sports, retail, roadway and infrastructure.

GLG divisional companies Inlite, Sylvania Connected Solutions, Austube, and Integrated as well as the NZ operation will continue trading as part of the comprehensive GLG offering.

“We might have a new group name, but we carry forward almost a century of experience with us and a portfolio of proven and trusted brands like Pierlite and Sylvania that our customers know and trust,” says Les Patterson, GLG CEO.

Gerard Lighting’s transformation into GLG comes complete with a new website designed to provide an intuitive user experience, enhanced functionality and comprehensive product information. 

New initiatives including the investment in Sylvania Connected Solutions, expansion of the GLG Innovation Centre, and upcoming launch of the new online configurator tool – GLG Composer, demonstrate GLG’s transformation into a technologically savvy and generationally smart business. 

Sylvania Connected Solutions breathes life into a city’s infrastructure resources through intelligent IoT devices, systems and technologies delivering high value solutions that address urban challenges, drive economic progress and improve livability.

The GLG Innovation Centre is the largest lighting lab and testing facility in the southern hemisphere, encompassing photometry, thermal and endurance chambers, IP chambers and more. This facility enables GLG to develop lighting solutions that not only meet but also exceed Australian Standards, ensuring the highest quality to customers. 

The leading-edge GLG Composer will reimagine lighting for this generation through the online Design-on-Demand configurator tool, with technical documentation, compliance, 3D models, pricing and codes available within moments of submitting product requirements. The product is then delivered in a matter of weeks, not months.

“Composer is like nothing else on the Australian lighting market,” says Patterson. “GLG is the only company with the scale and ability to provide such a unique Design-on-Demand system. This is just one example of how we are working to change our industry for the better, with greater flexibility and shorter leadtimes.”