Ezone Marine glass with the unique DuraShield Marine glass interlayer from Glasshape was incorporated into the King Baby yacht for greater energy efficiency, natural light flow and comfort.

Ezone Marine glass with the DuraShield Marine interlayer combines exceptional thermal resistance with high strength and clarity, serving as a quality alternative to double glazed units.

Designed by Evan K Marshall and built by IAG Yachts, the King Baby features several large Ezone Marine glass windows to encourage the flow of natural light deep into the cabin space while maximising the visual connection with the exterior. Interior finishes adjacent to the windows were also designed to be relatively low to increase the views and natural light.

The yacht owner also sought DuraShield dead-lite glass to be incorporated to eliminate the need to carry dead-lite plates on board. DuraShield dead-lite glass is a glass and polycomposite material laminated together to create a glass panel strong enough when broken, to remain watertight up to four times the design pressure.