Available from Gainsborough Hardware Industries, Miwa AL5H Front Desk System is a versatile electronic access system that is ideally suited to commercial applications such as hotels and serviced apartments.

Miwa electronic access control systems are capable of encoding and reading magnetic and smart (IC) cards combined with a quality locking mechanism. The system provides the flexibility necessary to suit the needs of different properties and guests by offering a number of card types.

Miwa access control door locks are also capable of providing audits of card locks, and using a smart (IC-Processor), audits on card usage. Each lock in the system stores the latest 600 entry transactions, which makes it simple to execute a lock audit trail.

Available in a wide range of colours and lever styles, Miwa AL5H electronic access control systems feature a light and sound notification capability so that when the guest enters the room the light turns green to confirm lock opening. Guest cards can also be programmed so that the lock emits an audible signal confirming the opening of the lock. This option is ideal for the sight impaired.

Miwa electronic access control systems are also available in RFID technology.