Why use a washdown diversion system? Traditionally roofs have been used to eliminate rainwater from the tradewaste system in washdown areas.

Apart from the initial costs involved in roofing a large area, time has proven this to be both an inefficient way to control rainwater (wind blown rain will enter the area) and a severe limitation on the efficiencies of the washdown activities due to the size and height restraints of roofed areas.

A Fox Demand Driven Washdown Diversion system from Fox Environmental can be installed in any convenient location and will provide protection of the environment from the run-off from washdown areas. The system is virtually self contained and can even be installed in a space that doubles as a parking area.

Two alternatives are available depending on the application. A Fox model DD600S system is designed to provide an economical unit that can be installed in low silt applications such as bin wash and a model DD600 for heavier silt loads.