For decades, Meganite has been at the forefront of the movement towards acrylic solid surface solutions. Renowned for its versatility and durability, acrylic solid surface can be found in many modern homes in countertops, splashbacks and other cladding applications.

A whole plethora of functional and aesthetic benefits make acrylic solid surface such an excellent material to work with - especially in kitchens. It is non-porous, which makes it easy to clean and means it does not absorb food or spills. It is also repairable and has a range with antimicrobial protection. It can be thermoformed into almost any shape, and on top of that, it is lighter and more straight-forward to install than many other common surface materials - which minimises cost and hassle during installation.

Visually, acrylic solid surface is among the most versatile design materials around. From striking solid colours to veined and undulating textures, the possibilities are limited only by the design's creativity. In fact, the finishes are so realistic that they now emulate terrazzos, concretes, and marbles in projects across the country.

The faithful replication of stone finishes is the genesis of Meganite's Movement Series. The series offers a selection of graceful flowing veins and colour inflection found in natural stone and concrete looks, combined with the exceptional performance, sustainability, and maintenance benefits of solid surface. With inconspicuous joins between panels, the finished look can be virtually indistinguishable from the stones themselves.

The Mt Carrara profile has long been one of the best-selling colours in the Movement Series. Mt Carrara is one of the most realistic marble look solid surface options on the market. Its soft, rolling veins punctuate a white background to fully encapsulate the refined splendour of contemporary luxury design.

In response to market demand for the Mt Carrara profile, ForestOne has now released it in larger sheet sizes. Whereas a standard Meganite sheet size is 3660 x 760mm and 12mm thick, Mt Carrara is now available in three additional sizes: a wider 3660 x 930 x 12mm and 3660 x 1220 x 12mm; and the thicker 3660 x 760 x 20mm.

The release of these larger sheet sizes makes Meganite even easier to use across a broader range of applications. For example, where a 760mm wide sheet is perfect for a standard kitchen bench, it may be too narrow for an island or other custom design - meaning that multiple sheets would need to be joined to complete the finish. While creating inconspicuous joins is possible, with a veined profile such as Mt Carrara it can be a time-consuming process. The freedom of additional width removes an extra layer of hassle and cost from the installation process.

The thicker sheet size provides an additional sense of solidity that is apparent to the touch. At 20mm thick, it can be used for more customised pieces - such as statement benches - without the need for thermoforming or complex machining to gain a beautifully patterned edge. Again, a simple adjustment to the standard sheet sizing saving time during installation, resulting in valuable cost savings for the end-user. 

As far as faithful marble-look solid surface options go, they don't get much better than Mt Carrara. And now, with these new larger sheet sizes, its luxurious visual appeal is more accessible, and more versatile, than ever before. Meganite's Movement Series is distributed in Australia by ForestOne. As a renowned supplier of timber and decorative solutions, specifying Meganite via ForestOne's distribution network generally saves up to 25% in material costs compared to other leading solid surface options, and significantly more against traditional marble and granite.