Innovative products offering striking visual outcomes, premium quality and excellent durability at competitive prices are always sought after - especially when it comes to decorative surfaces, often specified in high traffic and high use areas. Offering a wide range of decors and finishes combined with ease of maintenance, versatility and resistance to scratches, high-quality decorative surfaces are a reliable, safe and cost-effective way to create a stylish and contemporary look in any space. And soon enough, Australian designers and specifiers will have an opportunity to work with a new range of decorative surfaces - unmatched by the offering currently in the market.

ForestOne, one of Australia’s largest and most innovative independent distributors of wood panel, timber and decorative surface materials, is launching The Australian Egger range this coming July. Even though Egger may already be known to Australian design professionals, the new distributor is launching a fresh range of products in The Australian Egger 2020 range.

The Australian Egger 2020: Laminates, Panels and Worktops

The line will offer a range of decors with 60 laminates, 42 types of panels and 12 worktops with a variety of finishes ranging from solids, to materials, to woodgrains enabling designers and specifiers to achieve desired outcomes and ensure a beautiful aesthetic in any interior.

The versatile laminates range is ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces but also curved and rounded elements. Its durability and resistance to scratches and impacts make it a great choice for medium to high usage surfaces. Equally durable - and perfect for medium to high traffic areas - are Egger’s panels. With the majority of them pressed onto high moisture resistant particleboard super E0 and PerfectSense range pressed onto moisture resistant MDF E0, the panels are easy to work with and a superior choice from an environmental point of view. The easy-to-mount Egger worktops, on the other hand, are where the trendy kitchen design starts. With decor selection ranging from stone and metal to ceramic and wood reproductions, they will add superior and long-lasting style to any kitchen - without the need for complex maintenance.

Unmatched Visual And Tactile Quality Of PerfectSense and Feelwood Lines

But it’s the PerfectSense and Feelwood lines of The Australian Egger range that really bring the unmatched quality of ForestOne’s Egger offering to the forefront.

Combining high levels of durability and resistance to micro-scratches with a visually striking look and feel, PerfectSense decors are bound to bring a hint of understated elegance to any interior. The high-end visual quality of the line, combined with an excellent tactile experience, creates a product that can elevate any space - in high-gloss and matt finishes.

Thanks to its luxurious, matt and velvety high-end finish, PerfectSense Matt offers a sleek modern look and feel. With particularly high quality setting it apart from the competition, PerfectSense Matt has unique anti-fingerprint properties which mean the smooth surface can be enjoyed not only from a visual but also from a tactile perspective - without the need for excessive cleaning.

As stylish as PerfectSense range, the Feelwood enables designers and specifiers to create interiors that have an organic, natural look and feel that evokes the use of real timber.

Combining its woodgrain decor with a perfectly matched surface texture, Feelwood offers a finish that is not only virtually indistinguishable from real wood or veneer but - due to qualitative advantages of a melamine-resin-coated surface - gives designers a premium-quality, durable alternative that’s more budget-friendly.

Feelwood’s synchronised pore surfaces are available on laminates and as panels, and - completing the look - ForestOne also offers ABS end-grain edge banding with the look and feel of sawn timber.

But stunning visuals, exceptional quality and durability aren’t the only appealing elements of ForestOne’s new Egger range. Egger’s attention to safety and practicality of their products is yet another factor setting their products from the competition as all of their products not only come standard as anti-bacterial and chemical resistant but carry relevant food safety certification.

Whether it’s a modern velvety finish - or a more natural and organic, real-timber feel, as of July 2020 ForestOne’s Australian Egger range will give designers and specifiers a chance to incorporate visually striking, premium quality and durable surfaces in any interior, across the whole of Australia.