Fletcher Insulation presents their Pink Batts floor, wall and ceiling range as well as the Pink Soundbreak acoustic insulation range in a fresh packaging design.

Fletcher Insulation has redesigned the packaging for their Pink product range to simplify selection, product identification and on-site use.

The new packaging displays important information on the front with icons provided to identify the main benefits of the insulation batts. The label lets you know how many batts are in the pack, their R-Value, the dimensions of the batts, the weight of the pack and the coverage you can expect from each pack.

Each pack is also colour co-ordinated for further convenience in identification: Orange for Ceilings, Aqua for Walls, Yellow for Floors and Silver for Sound Insulation.

Next time you are in-store at one of our trusted distributors, be sure to check out the new range of packaging and choose Pink.