Fisher & Paykel Appliances , makers of the ActiveSmart refrigerators are challenging Australians to take the Ka-Runch test.

Fisher & Paykel’s challenge is inspired by the satisfying ‘Ka-Runch’ sound that one hears when they bite into a luscious watermelon or a celery stick, signifying nutritious freshness. A Foodwise study however, shows many Australian fridges will most likely have wilted lettuce, shrivelled carrots and limp celery, representing financial and nutritional waste.

According to the study (Foodwise: FastFacts on Food Waste; NSW Government, Food Waste Avoidance Benchmark Study), Australian households throw away one in five bags of groceries bought, amounting to about $1,036 in food per household per year. Much of this waste perished in the fridge.

Fisher & Paykel is now challenging Australians to take the ‘Ka-Runch Test’ to see if fruit and vegetables from their fridges make the grade.

Fisher & Paykel Marketing Manager, Kara May explains that the unique challenge aims to educate Australians about keeping fruit and vegetables fresh and nutritious for as long as possible. The ActiveSmart technology in Fisher & Paykel refrigerators helps keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Clever food storage in ActiveSmart refrigerators will slow the ripening process, enabling food to stay fresher for a longer period of time, and help save consumers money.

ActiveSmart refrigerators are available in many configurations including CoolDrawer, French Door, Door Drawer, Bottom or Top Mount to suit every lifestyle and kitchen.

The Ka-Runch Test

Thanks to ActiveSmart technology, Fisher & Paykel refrigerators can sense and respond intelligently to everyday use, creating an environment that preserves food.

Fisher & Paykel’s research team conducted a test, comparing vegetables stored on a shelf to those in humidity control produce bins. After fourteen days, the vegetables on the shelf were wilted and inedible while those stored in the bin were crisp and still good to eat.

Consumers can participate in the Ka-Runch Test by uploading a photo of how they store their food and explaining why they should be selected for the Ka-Runch Testing Panel. Up to five entrants will be selected to review their choice of ActiveSmart fridge, which they will also get to keep. Consumers are encouraged to vote and share their entry, to be shortlisted as a People’s Choice finalist.

To enter and for full Terms & Conditions, visit Call for entries ends 31 August 2014.