Eco Timber Group  specialise in the sourcing, designing, supplying and installing a range of architectural timber products including decking and flooring products, benchtops and timber beams and posts. The timber flooring and decking products distributed by Eco Timber Group are available in a range of models, grain patterns, designs and natural colours. Eco Timber Group provide supply services for a range of custom designed timber products suitable for distinct construction and architectural designing applications. By conducting onsite analysis, Eco Timber Group estimate the actual design requirements of its clients.

Architectural designers and developers with construction management and designing requirements can benefit from the architectural product supply and support services offered by Eco Timber Group. Using quality equipment and timber products Eco Timber Group offer design and installation services to its clients with architectural flooring and roofing requirements. Eco Timber Group stock a range of architectural, recycled and plantation timber products from local and international suppliers.

The architectural timber products supplied by Eco Timber Group are available in a range of sizes, colours, styles and designs. Eco Timber Group provide professional product selection and advisory services to its clients with interior and exterior architectural designing requirements.