Eco Cool 's energy saving home cooling system works alone or with an existing air conditioning system to keep living spaces comfortable and families healthy; all for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning alone.

When the outside temperature of the home is up to 15º cooler than the inside, the Eco Cool home cooling system gets to work to save on bills! Simply turn off the air conditioning system, open a couple of windows in the room to be cooled and activate the energy saving home cooling system.

The Eco Cool home cooling system will instantly and quietly fill the room with fresh, clean air as it's powerful fan pulls the stale, hot air out.

The energy saving Eco Cool is a versatile system that was designed for the natural cooling of single story homes. Now, there is no need to install additional and expensive air conditioning to cool upstairs areas, as this home cooling system will take cool the upstairs rooms of two story homes as well.

Eco Cool's natural home cooling systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning systems that demand high levels of electricity and fuels which release greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.