Designers, specifiers and builders must deliver high performing buildings that are healthy,  sustainable and compliant with the National Construction Code. However, limited knowledge of specialty fields, such as window automation, can lead to poor specification where the end result provides the lowest form of “compliance” as opposed to meeting the client’s true intent and objectives. Far too often, stakeholders do not know what is possible with window automation nor is it widely understood how such systems can be effectively and safely operated.


Windows of opportunity: Specifying automatic windows for health, safety and sustainability takes a closer look at the key considerations when designing and specifying automatic windows and natural ventilation systems. First, we discuss the case for window automation, covering the potential benefits such as energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality. We then provide a detailed discussion of the key considerations when designing window automation and natural ventilation systems, from selecting components and sensors to integrating with other building systems. We also cover the important topic of minimising safety risks associated with the operation of automated windows.


Based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland, EBSA Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of window automation and louvre installations, combining functionality and aesthetics. EBSA are proud to offer D+H Mechatronic’s range of window automation products. Preferred over other systems on the market for their quality, every D+H product has been designed, produced and physically tested by D+H Mechatronic to the highest performance and safety standards.

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