Dulux Powder Coatings announces the launch of a new website designed to support clients who have powdercoating projects outside of Australia and New Zealand.

The new DGL International Powders website is now live, and loaded with information to help simplify the process of selecting and specifying powdercoatings for industry professionals who require projects to be coated outside of Australia and New Zealand.

The DGL International brand is used by Dulux Australia outside of Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Fiji where it does not own the Dulux brand. It enables world-leading powdercoating technologies such as Duratec, Electro and Fluoroset to be specified on projects that are coated overseas.

Key highlights of the new website:

DGL Accredited Applicators

Search for DGL Accredited Powder Coaters and take the uncertainty out of coating your projects overseas.


Find information about DGL Alumi Shield warranties, which are available when applied by a DGL Accredited Powder Coater to the warranty specification.

Product Information

View DGL powdercoating ranges across different technologies, colours and finishes.

Specification & Technical Advice

Search for information on products required for a specific project, regardless of whether it is a residential, commercial or non-habitable building. Dulux’s Advice Team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Order swatch samples and brochures

Powdercoated swatches and brochures are available to order now. Sign up for your account today and get access to DGL colour selectors as well as product and warranty brochures, and order powdercoated swatches from the DGL powdercoat range.