Dulux paints and coatings met the brief for low-maintenance, long-lasting, high performance products during the construction of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre.

Part of the ongoing transformation of the Greater Western Sydney region, the theatre was constructed as an extension of the developer, West HQ’s existing entertainment precinct. Designed by Cox Architecture and delivered by Hansen Yucken in 2019, the theatre venue features striking architecture including a unique, segmented building facade. The project employed a range of innovative construction techniques to ensure timely and safe delivery.

The theatre offers a multi-mode auditorium, three foyers, seven bars, multiple entertaining areas, a VIP room, a large rehearsal space and a commercial kitchen. Public access is via a glass link bridge that integrates into the existing West HQ precinct.

Designed to accommodate 2,000 people as a conventional lyric theatre, 600 people in banquet-style seating, or 2,200 people for a concert, the flexible venue can change between modes within an hour, courtesy of a top-of-the-line retractable seating system designed and manufactured in Belgium.

As a high-profile, technically complex building, it was essential that the products specified offered low-maintenance, long-lasting performance.

Key challenges

Potential graffiti hotspot

With an external facade consisting of pale concrete, the building offers a blank canvas for graffiti vandalism. For this reason, it was important that the facade was protected by a coating that supports easy graffiti removal.

High-traffic areas

With thousands of patrons visiting the theatre each day, surfaces are subject to constant foot traffic. It was vital that the interior wall paint was durable and could be cleaned continuously.

Coastal weather exposure

The building’s facade needed to offer strong aesthetic appeal while providing long-lasting protection against harsh coastal weather conditions.

Aesthetically pleasing finishes

This iconic building’s interior spaces and facade called for beautiful finishes to support the theatre’s striking architecture and design.

Project outcomes

Graffiti protection

To address concerns about graffiti vandalism, Dulux Surfaceshield HD was specified to protect the facade without altering its appearance, and sprayed on in multiple wet coats using an elevated work platform (EWP). Graffiti on surfaces treated with Surfaceshield HD can be removed using graffiti removal agents and high-pressure hot water.

Easy sample ordering

The project required different finishes for different areas including matte black surfaces for theatre ceilings. With project specifiers able to order product samples, textures, colours and finishes could be viewed onsite prior to application, assisting with decision making.

Protection for high-traffic areas

Given the high traffic expected daily in the theatre’s halls and spaces, it was vital for interior walls to withstand a demanding cleaning program. Dark colours were used throughout to reduce the appearance of marks or dirt that can build over time. Dulux Wash&Wear was specified to meet these requirements and provide a long-lasting, washable surface.

Feature wall aesthetics

Beautiful timber cascading through the theatre was a key design element for the project. These surfaces were finished using Intergrain NaturalStain to provide outstanding protection and a beautiful result.

Weather protection

The external coatings needed to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the exterior facade while ensuring surfaces remained structurally sound. Dulux exterior products provide structure/substrate longevity and protection, enabling surfaces to look fresh for years to come.

“The clear penetrating sealer forms an invisible hydrophobic layer on the substrate, giving graffiti resistance to unwanted ‘tags’ that may occur,” Dulux commercial account manager Joel Fernandez said.

The Sydney Coliseum Theatre project won several honours including 2020 AIDA – Public Design Award; 2020 Master Builders Australia – Public Buildings $30m and over; and 2020 Master Builders Australia – Best use of concrete.

Products Specified

These premium products were specified to meet the various requirements for surface preparation, low odour, opacity, durability and colour.

Dulux Paint

Cladding – compressed fibre cement sheet (exterior)

  • Dulux Precision High Opacity Stain Blocker
  • Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen

Exposed structural steel (exterior/coastal)

  • Dulux Precision High Opacity Stain Blocker
  • Dulux Durepon P14 Primer Two Pack Epoxy
  • Dulux Duramax GPE – Pc255 Two Pack Epoxy
  • Dulux Weathermax HBR Two Pack Gloss

Ceilings and walls – store rooms/store areas – plasterboard (interior)

  • Dulux Wash&Wear +Plus Kitchen & Bathroom Semi Gloss

Door frames – architraves, skirting and trims – timber (interior) and metal / steel (exterior)

  • Dulux Precision All Metal Primer
  • Dulux Professional Total Prep
  • Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss

Walls – blockwork (external), plasterboard (interior) and concrete (interior)

  • Dulux Professional Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
  • Dulux Wash&Wear Low Sheen

Dulux Protective Coatings

Steel, corner guards & miscellaneous (exterior)

  • Dulux LuxaPrime Zinc Phosphate Primer
  • Dulux Metalshield Premium UV Resistant Enamel Topcoat Gloss

Mild steel – MIO bridge (exterior/coastal)

  • Dulux Durepon P14 Two Pack Epoxy
  • Dulux Duremax GPE – Pc255 Two Pack Epoxy
  • Dulux Weathermax HBR Two Pack Gloss

Floors and paths – new concrete (interior)

  • Dulux Protective Coatings Luxafloor WB Gloss

Floors and paths – concrete (interior/exterior)

  • Dulux APP Surfaceshield HD-H Clear

Floors and Paths – new concrete (interior)

  • Dulux Protective Coatings Luxafloor LGE Semi Gloss

Stair treads – new concrete flooring/paths (interior)

  • Dulux Luxafloor ECO2 Low Sheen

Dulux Acratex

Interior ceilings – flytower lift shaft, recessed joints/walls – flytower, speed panel new zinc coated steel - interior

  • Dulux Metalshield Etch Primer
  • Acratex Acrapatch High Build Course
  • Dulux Acratex 951 Sponge Fine Render
  • Dulux Professional Ceiling Paint Black Flat

Dulux Powder Coatings

Handrail balustrade – aluminium

  • Dulux Powder Coatings Electro

Roller shutters - steel, glazing frames - new aluminium, balustrades, kick plate, hand rails, lighting bar, supports & rehearsal room pipe grid, ceiling panels (interior)

  • Dulux Powder Coatings Zincshield 2
  • Dulux Powder Coatings Electro

Trims – aluminium extruded (interior)

  • Dulux Powder Coatings Electro Duratec
  • Louvres – Sheet and Extruded on new aluminium
  • Dulux Powder Coatings Duralloy FG


Handrails – entry & common areas – timber & timber flooring (interior)

  • Intergrain Enviropro Timberseal
  • Intergrain Enviropro Endure 1 Pack Matte

Face only of exterior doors – timber (interior)

  • Intergrain NaturalStain