CEDIA member Dueltek Distribution is the new exclusive Australian distributor for Screen Keeper wireless security products.
The energy-saving Screen Keeper helps enhance the security of laptops and PCs by automatically locking the computer and preventing access to unauthorised users when the owner is away.
By locking the computer into standby mode, Screen Keeper wireless security products also work as an eco-friendly energy saving device to help reduce the user’s carbon footprint. When in standby mode, the monitor will not draw power (research shows most monitors use about 95% less energy while in standby).
Screen Keeper’s advanced monitor security uses only two components: a USB dongle that plugs into the PC or laptop and a remote card that can clip to the belt or hang around the neck of the user. Both components are designed with a unique security ID using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and function completely independently of other wireless devices.
Screen Keeper works by automatically switching the monitor to standby whenever the user walks away from the computer, automatically detecting when the user returns to switch the monitor back on.
In active mode, the Screen Keeper keeps the computer completely locked, rendering it useless for any unauthorised user. It can only be unlocked by the wireless remote card or when the user enters their secure password.