Available now from Dry-Treat , Hanafinn Oxy-Klenza is a powerful, oxygen based, chlorine free, alkaline multi purpose cleaner for interior and exterior use in residential and commercial applications.

A multi purpose cleaner that breaks down organic stains and soiling, such as grease, mould, algae and leaf marks, Oxy-Klenza is ideal for cleaning:

  • patios
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • decks
  • floors
  • building facades
  • walls
  • cladding
  • public spaces
  • swimming pool surrounds
  • garages
  • driveways; and
  • eating and entertaining areas.
Oxy-Klenza powerful alkaline multi purpose cleaner for is safe for use on natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete, grout, vinyl and unfinished wood. It is a powder concentrate that also disinfects and breaks down odours. Furthermore, Oxy-Klenza alkaline multi purpose cleaner is biodegradable, so it decomposes into oxygen, water, and natural salts.