Dowin Australia are renowned for their approach to developing specialist, innovative lighting products. LED linear lights come in standard 400 millimetres lengths but can be custom manufactured to suit larger projects such as commercial applications. The lights also have high CRI and feature a three year full manufacturers warranty.

LED linear lights are ideal for fresh food, cosmetics and medicine storage areas as they are heat and ultraviolet light sensitive. They also have an excellent heat sink construction and are simple to install in almost any display space. State of the art LED technology has been used to ensure an unprecedented level of light output, efficacy and colour is provided, all while remaining affordable.

Standard features include:

  • Instant power up
  • Simple installation system
  • No flicker
  • Optimised aluminium heat sink for extended life and performance
  • External high power factor driver
  • Continuous line arrangement from single driver

More specifically, the LED linear lights have a total initial luminous flux of between 242 1m and 262 1m, a Colour Rendering Index of greater than 80, and a power consumption of 5.76 watts. The power factor is greater than 0.9 with an external driver, and the input voltage in 24 volts DC. In terms of optics, customers have the option of a clear or frosted lens finish, and the light beam angle is at 120 degrees.