Dowin Australia is promoting their high colour rendering index (CRI) LED lighting at DesignBUILD in Sydney this week.

Dowin’s product range includes LED lighting such as linear lights, lightsources, outdoor lighting, panel lights and downlights as well as LED modules and LED decorations.

“We can provide a range of customised lighting with a high colour rendering index for different types of colour correlated temperatures,” said Michelle Guan, Dowin’s Managing Director.

Their LED lighting uses less energy than other downlights because they are 12 watt as opposed to the standard 15 or 16 watt.

Guan said that their low wattage LED lighting solutions will become even more popular in the future because of new building codes in Australia that stipulate the use of lighting with a maximum of 5W per m(square) in new construction projects.

She advised that while some companies use fake colour rendering index (CRI) techniques such as red powder coating, Dowin’s 93 CRI LED lighting units employed blue LED chips that “show real colour without fading and last for a long time.”

The CRI rating of the lighting’s effect on colour was demonstrated with two bowls of multicolour M&M’s under two LED lights with different CRI’s.

Revealing the true colour spectrum means that Dowin’s lighting solutions are suitable for many retail applications that are open for long hours and where real colour representation is important to consumers.

Their LED lighting also lasts longer than their red powder manufactured lights that fade after 2,000 hours, where Dowin’s lighting has a lifespan of 100,000 hours.

LED downlights have been the company’s most popular product at the DesignBUILD Expo which attracts many architects.

For more information, please contact Dowin Australia.