In a hotel environment, being able to alter the layout of room space quickly and easily can make a big difference to profit. For example, a large ballroom can be reconfigured into multiple, smaller meeting rooms or dining spaces within a few moments, increasing revenue opportunities while satisfying customer needs.

DORMA Australia ’s team of Movable Walls’ specialists have worked on a number of projects in the hotel and hospitality industry, including the Sofitel in Queensland’s Gold Coast, the Hilton on the Park in Melbourne and the Tall Trees Hotel in Canberra.

The Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland have recently completed an extreme function room makeover, which included a rejuvenated grand ballroom replete with DORMA Australia’s Variflex movable wall system.

The brief was to create an appealing space that would be completely flexible, allowing virtually any size and type of function to be accommodated – easily and quickly.

The room now has the flexibility to accommodate one big, open space, and during a lunch break, can be turned around into five private function rooms, accommodating breakout rooms. The new walls are easy to manoeuvre by a minimal number of staff in a short period of time.

It is common for two separate client conferences to run concurrently in adjoining rooms. Each room needs to be comfortable and look good on both sides of the wall, and clients must not be disturbed by what is happening next door.

Australian-based Architect, Yammie Owusu, managed the refurbishment project and specified DORMA Australia’s Variflex and Acousti-Seal Movable Walls for the hotel. These moveable walls meet high standards in terms of acoustic performance, aesthetics and health and safety requirements.