A new game-changing electronic cylinder from Doric Products is taking the property market by storm by offering an easy installation option for upgrading your current door locks to digital locking.

Doric’s Electronic Pin Euro Cylinder (EPEC) can be retrofitted to existing door locks to provide digital PIN code entry into the home. With a simple multi-pin code functionality, the system is a two-minute retrofit option for existing Eurocylinder installations.

EPEC allows users to create and manage one or more PINs, making lost keys a thing of the past. The unique programming function allows temporary codes to be added for tradespeople and visitors.

A complete whole-of-house digital locking solution, Doric EPEC can be fitted to sliding, front entry and bi-fold doors.

“EPEC has been designed to be easily installed by the homeowner or builder,” explained David Winston, Doric research and development manager.

“The ability to add and remove PIN codes makes it ideal for rental properties and sharing economies such as Airbnb.

“In addition, there are safety benefits for newly built homes in which the homeowner can erase prior builder access.

“Being keyless, EPEC is also perfect for anyone going for a jog or heading to the beach – there is no reason ever to be locked out again.

“Unlike New Zealand, Australia has been relatively slow on the uptake of electronic locks, and one of the reasons is that Australia is unique in its deadlocking requirements.

“The Australian designed EPEC cylinder provides a keypad on the inside and outside of the door to provide deadlocking functionality that others don’t.”

Available in 62mm and 70mm cylinder body sizes, EPEC can be used on front and rear entry doors, French hinged doors, sliding doors and security doors, and is compatible with Doric hardware items such as the DS2400 Mortice Locks, the DS1400, DS1500 and DS1600 Hinged Door Locks, as well as the DS2075 Hinged Barrier Door Locks, and the DS2220 Sliding Barrier Door Locks.

Styled to suit these different installations, EPEC is available in satin black and satin chrome silver, with the package provided complete with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation guide.