Australia is a country of weather extremes and climate variability. Recent trends indicate that future years will be characterised by increasing temperatures and, potentially, record rates of warming. Rising temperatures and increasingly common heat waves in major Australian cities have pushed homeowners to recognise the need for climate sensitive designs that help maintain comfortable and healthy living environments. Escalating energy prices have also pushed energy efficient solutions to the forefront.

Let the breeze in: Achieving efficient, climate-sensitive design with Ventus Louvres is an exploration of the considerations pushing architects, designers and homeowners towards energy efficient window solutions that balance functionality, performance and efficiency. Specifically, the benefits of window louvre systems are discussed from the perspective of delivering comfort, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting occupant health and wellbeing and design versatility. Window louvre systems are a compelling solution for interior spaces where a balance of air temperature, humidity, and circulation are required for maximum comfort all year round.

For over 45 years, Doric has been the Australian market leader in innovative door and window hardware for residential, architectural and commercial applications. With a hard-earned reputation for quality and innovation, Doric delivers high performing solutions to right here in Australia, New Zealand and the greater Asia Pacific region. The Ventus Louvre system combines modern design with unmatched performance and is the highest performance standard louvre product on the market.

Download this whitepaper and discover how window louvre systems respond to rising temperatures and climate variability by delivering energy efficient, year-round thermal comfort.