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    Awning Fabrics With Water Resistant and Self Cleaning Design from Dickson

    Self cleaning and water resistant Sun Shade Fabrics
    • Dickson provide the latest generation awning fabrics that are self cleaning and water resistant.
    • The technology used in the development of the Permaclean self cleaning finish is based on the observation of the structure of a Lotus leaf, which, despite its development in muddy rivers and lakes, manages to keep clean.
    • The microscopic structure of the plant surface, covered with numerous superhydrophobic small bumps of the order of several microns, allows its leaves never to be wet. Instead, the drops of water keep rolling on the surface of the leaf, carrying with them debris, insects and dust. 
    • Therefore, the Permaclean finish contains nanoparticles that, once applied on the fabric, assemble to form an extremely dense protective layer that keeps dirt on the surface. Rain or simple rinsing is sufficient to clean the fabric.

    Water Resistant Awning Fabrics
    • Orchestra Max awning fabrics are coated on one side with an anti fungal, UV resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its water resistant properties. It enables its users to take advantage of their terrace all year round, without having to take in the awning at the first sign of rain.
    • Orchestra Max awning fabrics are particularly suitable for permanent installations with high exposure to climate changes and pollution.  It is designed primarily for retail, hotels and catering outfits. It is also a state of the art solution for particularly demanding home owners.
    Waterproof Orchestra Max Awning Fabrics
    • Composition - 100% solution dyed acrylic Sunacryl
    • These awning fabrics have a finish of Permaclean special self cleaning and water resistant treatment, waterproof and UV resistant acrylic coating on one side
    • Weight - 320 g/m², Width - 120cm
    • Fabric can be used for all types of awnings with a strong water resistance
    • 10 Year Guarantee
    The Orchestra Max fabric received the "Self-Cleaning, inspired by nature" certificate, delivered by the ITV laboratory in Denkendorf, Germany. The tests performed to obtain this certificate rely on European standards and prove the full performance and efficiency of the new Permaclean self cleaning treatment.
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