Designer Homeware  offers the ILVE P90FWMP freestanding oven cookers featuring a large 110L oven capacity and 5-burner cooktops with Tepanyaki BBQ plate.  

The Tepanyaki BBQ plate on ILVE P90FWMP Tepanyaki freestanding oven cookers is made of 1.8cm thick solid tempered stainless steel that distributes heat quickly.  

The Tepanyaki hot plate can be converted to a fish burner with the optional heavy duty cast iron trivets.  

ILVE P90FWMP Tepanyaki freestanding oven cookers also incorporate a triple ring wok gas burner designed for high-heat cooking such as stir-frying.  

The highly versatile Tepanyaki freestanding oven cookers feature multi-function electric ovens with a triple glazed cool touch door while the inner glass panel is coated with a silver deflector to direct the heat back into the oven.  

The Tepanyaki freestanding oven cooker features a catalytic oven cleaning system that allows automatic cleaning of the interior wherein fat vapours and splatters are gathered and burnt off by selecting the appropriate cleaning cycle.  

The ILVE 90cm Tepanyaki freestanding oven cooker from Designer Homeware comes with rotisserie and optional telescopic runners.