Be it a new home or a renovation, make sure your design planning includes your garage, specifically, the garage door.

The garage door is one of the most noticeable elements on your home’s exterior. Functionality isn’t the only requirement for such a visible feature on your home’s façade – it also needs to be an attractive feature that adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your garage door, timber-look features are a great way to go. Consider these 5 beautiful options for a garage door that ticks all the boxes and adds beauty and impact to your home design.

Woodgrain-finished steel garage doors

Timber garage doors are undeniably beautiful; however, when you are looking to combine visual appeal with security and strength, choose a timber look steel garage door to maximise the impact. DecoWood is the Super Durable timber-look finish that can replicate the beautiful timber appearance, minus the maintenance or weathering associated with real timber. DecoWood-finished garage doors are available from Steel-Line Garage Doors.

Cladded garage doors

When you desire the appearance of a timber garage door but don’t want to replace the existing door, simply extend the cladding of your house seamlessly across the garage. DecoClad timber-look aluminium cladding can be used to clad your garage door for a beautiful natural appearance. You can also clad the outside of your home including the garage for a seamless façade.

Batten garage doors

Battens are very popular in modern home designs, and can often be seen on feature walls on the outside of a home or over windows. Now battens are also taking centre stage as the hot new garage door feature. Batten garage doors can be used as part of a seamless overall façade, or as a statement all on their own, adding natural warmth and texture to your home design. DecoBatten, the timber-look aluminium batten series by DECO Australia, has been cleverly crafted to offer a lightweight, easily-installed option for garage doors. The unique two-piece QuickClick system allows battens to be easily snapped into place, concealing fixings for a seamless appearance.

Circular tube profiles

When you love the batten look but want something a little different from the regular, try tubular aluminium battens – an on-trend material that’s fast becoming one of 2021’s biggest hits, following on from a move towards curved designs late last year. DECO can offer custom circular profiles for a unique garage door that makes a personal statement. Finished in the Super Durable DecoWood finish for a realistic, low-maintenance timber appearance, DECO’s tubular profiles make a striking feature.

Recurring motifs and extended designs

When you have a design theme running throughout your home including the exteriors, keep it flowing by using cladding on both the garage door and façade or soffit to create a cohesive architectural impact. Extending elements such as cladding or battens across the whole front of your house can also conceal your garage door, helping it blend beautifully into your façade.