Winter is settling in across Australia, and Aussies are getting ready to turn up their heaters and don their woolliest jumpers.

Before you get too comfortable, it’s a good idea to check that your home can stand up to the conditions of the colder months.

Even a well-insulated home can be effected by all of that icey-cold air, rain and hail making its way in and out through the gaps and cracks if the home is not thoroughly closed up. Air leakage accounts for 15-25 per cent of winter heat loss in buildings. This can not only dull the efforts of your heater, but also throw your home’s temperature balance off.

While the answer to cool air seeping into your home may naturally be to just turn the heating up even higher, resulting in frightening power bills, a better option is actually sealing your home against air leaks.

One of the simplest upgrades you can undertake to increase your comfort while also reducing your energy bills, weather seals can be applied to both doors and windows. It’s the perfect option for home owners, and even renters!

Weather seals and gap fillers can be fitted to jambs, faces or edges of most windows and doors, and can assist in making your home far more energy efficient – meaning you can reduce the amount you spend on your electricity bill. Keep the warm air inside your home, the cold air outside, and keep your home warm, clean dry and energy efficient!

Keeping all of that cold air outside the home will allow your heater to do its job properly – keeping you warm and comfortable all winter long – without churning through the power.

Regardless of how your home is structured, Cowdroy’s products cater for a range of door and window needs, including basic hinged doors, security doors, roller doors and automatic doors. They can also be fitted to both the bottom and perimeter of doors, with a variety of colour options available to ensure there is a product that suits the look of your home.

Not only cost-effective, but super easy to apply. Cowdroy’s weather seals only take a few minutes to apply, coming complete with self-adhesive backing tape.