As population numbers grow, more Australians are turning to medium to high-density apartments and homes. Reports indicate that the size of the average Australian home is shrinking, falling to a 20-year low in 2017. With consumers still expecting high levels of functionality, style and performance, designers and specifiers are looking for innovative solutions that deliver these requirements without taking up too much valuable living space. This includes selecting a door system ideal for small-space living.

Design for small spaces: Maximising living space with careful door design is a careful examination of the recent trend of shrinking home sizes in Australia and how this impacts designers and specifiers, specifically in relation to selecting high performance door systems. In this whitepaper, we survey recent statistics indicating the shrinking size of the average Australian home. This is followed by a critical look at conventional hinged door systems, and the superiority of sliding and folding door systems for projects where space comes at a premium.

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Download this whitepaper to learn about shrinking home sizes in Australia and how careful specification of door systems can deliver effective design solutions ideal for small-space living.