As the climate change crisis intensifies, there is growing demand for sustainability across all industries. This includes the design and construction industry, which is under pressure to deliver buildings that meet demanding requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability. Schemes like the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program have pushed the industry in the right direction. The VEU program covers weather sealing, a solution that prevents the leakage of conditioned air through windows and doors. Air leaks can make indoor temperature regulation difficult and increase overall energy consumption in a building.

'Seal of approval: Meeting energy efficiency targets with high performance weather seals' examines the VEU program and discusses how weather seals can be used to meet its requirements. First, we offer a summary of the VEU program and how weather sealing is covered by the scheme. We describe weather seals and the main considerations when specifying seals for specific applications. We also consider the key benefits of weather seals in terms of energy efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and enhanced thermal comfort. Finally, we present a leading door seal solution that can improve the sustainability of homes and buildings.

For over 100 years, Cowdroy has been a pioneer within the Australian hardware industry. With a genuine commitment to innovation, the company has become the leading manufacturer of track and seal products for residential and commercial installations. Cowdroy offers high performance products that meet growing market demand for energy-efficient and sustainable building products.

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