Quality, authenticity and unique character - these are some of the features every client and partner looks for with high-end interior finishes. Frequently, the pursuit of these attributes starts with the visual interpretation of that business' space. Because of that, communicating those qualitites through the design of a commercial interior is key to delivering an excellent first impression, instilling trust, and creating an opportunity for unique visual expresseion.

The classic look of real timber tends to be synonymous with those aspirational characteristics. However, for many modern commercial spaces, considerations around fire safety, material costs, durability, and ongoing maintenance tend to be prohibitive when it comes to incorporating real wood into a fit-out.

In contrast, Covet's Ever Art Wood range is an interior designer's go-to when it comes to creating an appealing, contemporary commercial interior where specifying real timber isn’t a viable option. Covet’s range combines the organic aesthetic of real wood with the superior benefits and safety profile of aluminium, enabling designers to create contemporary spaces that are safe, practical, long-lasting and aesthetically impactful all at once - a combination that’s not often possible to achieve through the use of timber.

Convincing authenticity

The striking realism of the Ever Art Wood range means that the battens and panels don't only look like real timber - they feel like it too. Across a range of designs and textures created from actual timber species, they deliver a highly convincing visual and tactile experience that has established Ever Art Wood as the premium timber look cladding product in the market.

The battens can also be finished with vacuum-sealed end caps that use the same polymer wrap as the cladding itself, completing the out-and-out genuine timber look. Thanks to this incredible attention to detail, the range looks as authentic up close as it does from afar.

Unrivalled creativity

Ever Art Wood brings out the character of any space - commercial or residential - in the most striking manner. A wide selection of profiles, designs and finishes ensures any project brief will find its real-timber look match, while the combination of batten and sheet formats allows an endless array of creative solutions that are bespoke to the space.


Multidimensional curves of The Melbourne Grand apartment building lobby illustrate the creative use of panels and battens to achieve an impactful undulating flow in the space.

However, Ever Art Wood’s ability to unleash the real character of a space doesn’t come solely from the abundant choice of formats and profiles. The malleable properties of aluminium enable designers to push their creative aspirations further - and incorporate more interesting applications into their designs, pushing creative boundaries that can often be too cost prohibitive with genuine timber.

Whether it’s creating an undulating rhythm by affixing battens to curved panels, the creation of striking curves by bending battens or utilising folded panels to simulate a towering wall of timber beams- the flexibility and lightweight profile of aluminium means that Covet cladding offers unparalleled creative expression that real wood - heavier and comparatively more difficult to work with - simply cannot match.


The entrance to Calia restaurant showcases the beautiful curvature that can be achieved with aluminium cladding.

Unmatched quality

Alongside incredible possibilities for creative expression, Ever Art Wood timber look aluminium battens and panels offer the ultimate streamlined look and dimensional perfection.

The clean lines of Ever Art Wood’s Kabeberi concealed fix system remove any visible rails and fixings, creating a streamlined, consistent rhythm that highlights the shape of the space without any unnecessary distractions. Unlike real wood, the product won't split, warp, expand or fade, and it isn’t vulnerable to insect attack or the damaging effects of mould and mildew - ensuring a consistent, luxurious aesthetic for years to come. All without the need for the complicated maintenance routine real timber requires to retain its visual appeal and durability.


Ever Art Wood Kabebari battens specified in the high humidity communal pool area of a luxury apartment block in Melbourne’s Docklands are a testament to the product’s excellent durability.

Reliable safety

Authenticity, character and quality won't create a successful space if they aren’t underpinned by arguably the most crucial consideration: safety credentials. Fire safety should be top of mind for any designer creating a commercial interior - and Ever Art Wood battens and panels offer a much higher safety profile than real timber.

Fire-rated for both commercial and multi-residential spaces, such as lobbies and communal areas, the range benefits from aluminium's inherent ability to resist the spread of fire as it meets the relevant NCC Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions. It is also fire-rated, achieving Group 1 in AS/NZ 3837-1998 test and Index 0 in the AS/NZ 1530.3 test.

With incredible realism, a range of profile and finish choices, outstanding safety credentials and a quality that is unmatched by any other timber alternative on the market, Ever Art Wood is the go-to product for any designer who is seeking to create a refined, impactful and safe commercial interior where real timber isn’t a viable option.