Corporate Initiatives (Ci) has been at the forefront in developing large format LED display technology in Australia. Included among their various accomplishments are the light transparent Media Façade at Emporium, the perimeter and parapet signage at both the MCG and Etihad, two new exciting civic projects in Perth and Adelaide, as well as Australia’s first interactive LED wall in Brisbane for QUT.

The range of LED display product both indoor and outdoor Ci is able to place at your disposal is extensive and includes the latest offerings from Samsung, LG, Toshiba, NEC, VideroLED, and Sony as well as from various specialized manufacturers.  Examples of Ci installed LED screens can now be found at leading shopping centres throughout Australia.

LED display is today able to cover many possibilities, with a specialised display product for just about every conceivable purpose. The LEDGo ceiling tile panels shown here are a case in point. Able to be deployed in place of ceiling tiles, these panels make it easy to make use of ceiling space for display, space that previously would have been under utilized.

It is expected this display method will have a major impact on both retail and corporate environments, as it means anywhere with a suspended ceiling instantly becomes a candidate for LED display.

Another development likely to have a major impact on such environments is the introduction of tight pitch LED display. This will replace LCD panels in many cases, especially those found in video walls.

In order that LED display technology can be better understood by designers, Ci has published a Whitepaper on LED technology specifically for the design industry, as well as providing a booklet that outlines the variety of LED display products available.