Roof Ventilation was once a fundamental design characteristic of a building in Australia but was discarded because insulation was being hailed as the fix-all medium in the seventies.

Many came to mistakenly believe that ideal comfort levels could best be achieved by using insulation and temperature control systems such as air conditioning.

Insulation is not the answer some would have you think as it is the insulation that prevents your home from rapid cooling of an evening. It is fine during the winter but not in summer.

Temperature control systems such as air-conditioning and air-cooling are reliant on electrical consumption. But considering today's electricity and maintenance costs they can be a financial burden when used for prolonged periods.

Insulation, ventilation, air condition have totally separate areas of function and the use, or perceived predominance, of one does not replace, or is a substitute for, the other.

It was to this end that the design engineers at Condor developed a roof ventilation system that enabled efficient ventilation using natures' thermal resources commonly known as ‘kinetic energy’.

The Condor kinetic roof ventilator operates on heat and pressure, as opposed to a rotary winter ventilator which works on wind energy alone.

The Condor is designed to ventilate your roof efficiently during the summer months whilst providing minimal venting during the winter months. The Condor kinetic roof ventilator is motionless, noise free and requires no maintenance.