The Condor roof ventilator represents state of the art in architectural ventilation and is designed to utilise natural kinetic energy (thermals) and pressure differentials in and around a building.

The Condor 's unique patented motionless design is thermal and pressure responsive, with the system enabling positive ventilation to all buildings.

Where replacement air entry is not available as per the stack effect, the Condor roof ventilator will automatically multi task, i.e., allowing the building to breathe in and out through the Condor.


The Condor is an efficient natural architectural building roof ventilation system and provides continuous ventilation in all weather conditions with no operational or maintenance costs.


As the air currents on the roof move across the conical sections, a multi venturi effect is created, with air volume being drawn out from inside the building. The Condor kinetic roof ventilator development is a significant advance in efficient natural roof ventilation to date.