Passport Decking by Composite Materials Australia has been nominated for the HIA Green Smart Product of the Year.
Made in the USA by Gossen Corporation, Passport Decking 100% cellular PVC boards offer advantages such as eco-friendly characteristics, low carbon footprint and recyclability. In fact, 99% of all wastage produced during the manufacture of the PVC decking boards is reused.
PVC offers several advantages and is considered the greenest of all plastics.
Green characteristics of PVC: 
  • Made from 50% natural gas and 50% salt (other plastics are 100% fossil fuels)
  • Very low carbon footprint vis-à-vis other plastics during manufacture
  • Longest lifespan of all plastics, reducing landfill
  • Completely recyclable
The Green Council of Australia recently announced that approved PVC materials have a positive Green Star rating.
The HIA awards will be announced on 31st May.