After several tower fire tragedies in recent years, the issue of fire safety has become a key concern for design and construction professionals in Australia and around the world. With greater scrutiny placed on the use of highly flammable cladding materials, it is essential for professionals to understand the safety risks and financial impacts of non-compliant building products alongside the complex web of regulation that sets out the minimum fire performance requirements of building cladding.

'Cladding, compliance, and commercial construction: Understanding Australia’s complex fire safety requirements' provides an essential overview of the risks of highly flammable, unsafe and non-compliant cladding products. The document first examines how non-compliant cladding can lead to potential injury, building damage, insurance issues and financial loss, before providing a brief look at the Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards that govern the fire performance of building products. Lastly, the whitepaper presents a high performing, solid aluminium cladding solution that offers superior fire performance ideal for Australia’s safety-conscious market.

Since 1936, Capral has been a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of high performance, innovative aluminium profiles. Australian-owned and operated, Capral maintains several world-class manufacturing plants across the country and has built an extensive distribution network across regional and metropolitan areas. Capral offers a comprehensive range of products that respond to the evolving needs and demands of the Australian design and construction industry.

Download this whitepaper to understand Australia’s complex fire safety requirements and why careful cladding specification is critical to successful building projects.