Leading LED lighting specialist Brightgreen recently spoke with Mattias Friberg, Director of Some Agency about the design of his new fashion boutique, The Waiting Room in Sydney.

On the concept behind the design for The Waiting Room store, Friberg said the design objective was to create a more feminine store and achieve a vibrant space using strong and clean elements. This store would serve as the perfect foil to their slightly more masculine store located at Melbourne Emporium.

Speaking about the lighting design and the choice of Brightgreen LEDs for the application, Friberg explained that they sought lights that would not only be aesthetically appealing but also give the space a ‘natural light’ effect. Since the store was located in a building that was one of the first in Australia to be 100% Green Star rated, it was really important to use low-energy lights; Brightgreen ticked every box in their design brief.

Friberg notes that Brightgreen’s Tru-Colour lights are helping enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers by representing the colours and textures of their clothes more accurately.

Observing that good lighting design has a massive effect on the overall impression of anyone entering the store, Friberg emphasised the importance of choosing the right lights to make the merchandise stand out and get the customer’s attention.