Tru-Colour lights from Brightgreen are helping retailers improve product displays, customer experience, and ultimately, sales.

Trewarne Jewellers & Diamond Merchants installed Tru-Colour lights in their store at Southland Shopping Centre. Sharing his thoughts on the difference the retail lighting installation has made to the store, Travis Trewarne said, “The Tru-Colour lights make the diamonds sparkle more than any other lights I have ever seen. They allow for a well-cut diamond to perform to its full potential, displaying a neutral crystal colour and a spectacular scintillation of all seven colours of the rainbow.”

The store was recently visited by the owners of the Hearts on Fire Diamond Company (sellers of some of the world’s finest cut diamonds in 33 countries), who immediately commented on how incredible the diamonds looked under the Tru-Colour lights.

“The first thing they said when they walked in was ‘Wow, look how the diamonds sparkle in here!'” said Trewarne.

Brightgreen LEDs featuring Tru-Colour technology have been engineered to represent more colours on the visible spectrum, surpassing industry metrics for light quality, including in TM-30, CQS and the extended CRI scale.

Tru-Colour LEDs incorporate more colours, including an optimal balance of red and blue wavelengths, providing an overall sense of well-being while enhancing the interiors by making colours and details appear more natural and lifelike.