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    Breezway are market leaders and manufacturers of fully rated louvre window systems, including flyscreens, security and remote control systems for energy efficient, natural control of building comfort.




    The Building Code of Australia requires fall prevention measures when the fall to the outside of bedroom windows is more than 2 metres, or when the fall to

    Altair Louvre Windows can be configured to comply to all Bushfire Attack Levels. The requirements for using Altair Louvre Windows in bushfire prone areas

    Yes, there are many framing systems today that will allow a security or insect screen to be placed to the outside of your Breezway Louvres. Following discussions with your window manufacturer you may choose Breezway’s, Altair Easyscreen Window System, or we will often sell our Altair Louvre mechanisms to window manufacturers who will use their own framing system.

    Our louvres have received a lot of investment in Research and Development and today are a substantially different product from “traditional” old style metal jalousie louvre windows. If you would like to upgrade your security features, then you may consider keylocks, security bars or security screens. Our Altair Louvre Stronghold System is also a great way to increase the strength and safety of your louvre window.

    Typically people are asking how wide a louvre bay can be i.e. the length of the blades. An indicative answer is 600mm to 900mm. When replacing windows or installing new windows, a rule of thumb is the higher the wind and water performance required, the shorter the blade should be. In cyclonic regions the bay widths may be a maximum of 600mm or in other geographic areas with lower wind loads they may extend up to 900mm. The window frame can then be designed with multiple bays to achieve the desired frame width. With Breezway’s framing systems this can be up to 4 metres wide. Your window manufacturer will advise you based on your specific circumstances. There are no standard widths. However, there are standard heights and it is beneficial to stay within these standard heights. The actual standard height will vary depending on your chosen louvre size and framing system. If you use a standard height all louvre blades will operate. If you have an off standard height a small piece of fixed louvre blade will be placed at the head of the window to make up the difference between standard heights. It is worth discussing with your window manufacturer and builder to ensure you have standard height louvre windows installed.

    Like all aluminium windows, louvres will need regular cleaning. The smooth outer surface of the Altair Louvre clips and the quality polished edges of the glass blades do make cleaning easier. Another big plus for cleaning our louvre windows is that you can clean the inside and the outside surfaces from the inside of the building. This can be a huge plus for upper storey windows.

    Breezway’s powder coating operation has been set up to address the diverse needs of Australian building designs. In Australia we offer some 26 standard colours, with optional colour matched hardware (note: Powdercoated aluminium and plastic finishes may vary slightly in colour). We can paint some 300 additional colours. Breezway also has certification from Dulux and Akzo Nobel to powder coat their high performance finishes.

    Breezway’s range of louvre windows has undergone a transformation since the 1960’s. Today our products are very much at home in premium architectural buildings. Our products are individually tailored per window and pricing needs to be done by each design. As an indication a Breezway window may be 2-3 times the price of a sliding window.

    With careful thought your new or replacement louvres can be much more than just a window. Consideration of control methods, blade selection and frame type can impact in real benefits such as ease of use, shading, privacy, energy efficiency, comfort, creating views, security, screening etc.

    Due to the nature of our high performing louvres and modern Australian Standards, our louvre windows are no longer a DIY proposition. Breezway has a network of resellers that ensure the product is locally available and built to meet the required Standards. These resellers are qualified window manufacturers, so you also have the benefit of being able to buy other windows and doors from them.

    Our louvres are made to order. The majority of the time an order will be shipped by Breezway to the window manufacturer 5 working days after order placement. Very large orders or specialised requests may require 10 days. You will then need to allow for shipping time and any assembly by your window manufacturer. The window manufacturer will be able to advise you on total lead time.

    Breezway’s Louvres are part of a complete window system that has been tested to Australian Standards. The louvres will be assembled by Breezway or one of our approved window manufacturers and delivered as a complete window ready for installation by a builder using typical industry practices.

    There is some maintenance required with Breezway aluminium louvres or timber louvress. It is important to have a regular cleaning program for your aluminium or timber windows. You should think of the finish of your windows in a similar way as your car. Both items need regular cleaning to remove environmental contaminants and maintain paint work. This is particularly so in coastal environments. A higher performance finish may also be required in these environments. Timber blades and Powerlouvres will also require some extra care.

    Breezway is a privately owned by a few key shareholders and the Breezway Management Team. The current shareholder group has owned the business for some 11 years.

    Like all painted aluminium products Breezway Louvres can be vulnerable to harsh coastal environments. The componentry in Breezway louvres is aluminium, stainless steel and industrial grade plastics and will stand up well to these conditions. The powder coat finish however will need special consideration in these environments. If you are in a coastal environment a high performance powder coat or an anodized finish to our standard 25um is required.

    Yes, your window manufacturer will work with Breezway to make sure your louvres are designed for the specific conditions on your building site. Altair Louvres from Breezway have been fully tested in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratory. The products have been deemed suitable for use in cyclonic regions, including Region D in Western Australia.

    Breezway offers two formal CPD tutorials to Architects & Designers on Fall Prevention Through Openable Louvre Windows and Ventilation. These have been accredited by AIS. Call Breezway today on 1800 777 758 or email to make your booking!

    Yes, blinds can be installed in conjunction with your louvre windows to help darken rooms if required. Please take into consideration when ordering your louvres that the top blade can be fixed to assist with the installation of the blind above the window. 102mm blade heights are also recommended along with low profile handles as the unique shape of the handle provides a functional fit that won’t get in the way of the blinds.


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