Lighting design is all about choosing the right fittings for the project, placement of these fittings, different designs, lux levels, compliance, wiring and control requirements, and very importantly, the quality of light output.

While High CRI lighting is typically specified for high end venues such as museums, art galleries and restaurants, it is now available for residential and commercial projects, enabling homes, workplaces and businesses to come alive with professional quality lighting that makes spaces and objects look their best.

A measure for Colour Accuracy, CRI or Colour Rendering Index determines how realistically light allows the colours on an object to be seen. A low CRI light removes the depth and colour clarity inside homes and commercial environments, while High CRI lights create a better experience.

To determine the Colour Accuracy, lights are tested by alternately illuminating sample colour swatches and comparing the colour accuracy of the different lights. This test is performed against 10 different colour swatches, which are evenly spaced across the colour spectrum.

With better LED chips now available at lower costs, High CRI lighting can also be used for residential and commercial applications, allowing objects such as wall paintings, collectibles, antiques and expensive furniture to be presented in their true light for better appreciation.

Though High CRI lighting is typically used to display art collections and antiques, it can be applied in any environment or situation. From retail and hospitality, corporate offices and upscale residences, to even printing and textiles manufacturing, High CRI lighting can make all the difference.

All lighting products from BoscoLighting Pty Ltd are supplied with a CRI of at least 80 with CRI 92 also available on most products.