BoscoLighting Pty Ltd has introduced a new innovation designed to reduce or resize existing downlight holes when installing newer lighting fixtures. BoscoLighting’s new downlight resizing kits eliminate the hassles of oversized or wrongly placed downlight holes in the ceiling when installing recessed light fittings.

Recessed lights are extremely popular in many Australian homes. However, installation is often a tedious process since it involves cutting holes into the ceiling, which if improperly done, can turn the ceiling into Swiss cheese.

BoscoLighting’s unique downlight resizing kits can be easily integrated into the new lighting system. Regardless of problems such as ceiling holes in the wrong place or upgrading lights from older, larger technologies, the downlight resizing kit simplifies the resizing process, helping deliver better design outcomes compared to conventional conversion plates.

Learn more about BoscoLighting's downlight resizing kits – how to resize existing cut-outs if the ceiling hole is too large and the downlight holes need to be reduced for new lights, or what to do if the ceiling hole is in the wrong place and you need to patch or repair it quickly.