Increased demand for medium density buildings, coupled with tighter regulations on gas appliance installations has architects and hydraulic consultants looking for more innovative ways of packaging hot water appliances safely without impacting the aesthetics or footprint of the dwelling. 

This was the exact challenge for a brand new 4 apartment luxury complex in the Sydney beach suburb of Maroubra.

The building comprised four apartments spread over two levels, with two ground floor apartments consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom dwellings, while the first floor apartments consisted of two bedrooms, two bathrooms. 

Whilst the hot water demand for the building was relatively small, the already compact outdoor living areas coupled with regulations the distance of hot water units from windows and doors meant the use of external hot water units would not be possible without significantly impacting the building aesthetics.

For the project, a room sealed internal hot water unit would provide an optimal installation solution from both a safety and aesthetics perspective. 

The Bosch 4000S internal gas continuous flow heater was specified, the compact sizing and flow output of the 4000S meant the required performance was easily achieved without compromising on precious space. The compact Bosch 4000S could be conveniently located within the kitchen, laundry, utility cupboard, keeping it out of site but still close enough to the point of use to eliminate any hot water lag in the apartment. The Bosch 4000S internal units also came with a control pad fitted to the front of the unit for easy temperature adjustment.

Once an internal gas system was decided upon, the next challenge was satisfying fluing requirements. The Maroubra apartment complex required different flue application for the ground floor and first floor apartments, with the ground floor flue terminating horizontally out the wall, while the first floor terminated vertically through the roof. The specification of the Bosch 4000S internal product range meant that easy to install flue kits with flexible designs were provided for both the horizontal and vertical flue requirements. 

Another benefit of selecting the Bosch 4000S is that it does not require any adjustment of air fan speed to accommodate losses within the fluing network. The Bosch Optiflow automatically adjusts the fan speed to compensate for air flow restrictions caused by the fluing configurations. 

Sydney Custom Plumbing who were responsible for the installations within the apartment complex were surprised how quickly the unit and flue configurations could be installed and with minimal fuss and adjustment during final commissioning. 

The compact size, ease of install and minimal commissioning made the Bosch 4000S internal range the optimal solution for the project, providing safety and compliance without impacting on aesthetics.

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