The private security industry in Australia has been observing unabated growth in recent years with both public and private infrastructure heavily reliant on more than 120,000 licensed private security personnel to manage risk.

While this impressive figure exceeds the number of serving personnel in the country’s combined police agencies and permanent Australian defence forces, the growth in Australia’s private security sector is not surprising. Building owners and managers have a duty of care to protect employees, visitors and valuable intellectual and physical property at their facilities in a world where Australia’s exposure to threats ranging from data theft to terrorism has seen a drastic increase over the past few decades.

Michael Fisher, who heads the Australian operation of Royal Boon Edam, a world leader in security entrance systems and complementary architectural revolving doors, observes that security awareness has increased dramatically in Australia in recent years.

“Australia is no longer an island securely isolated from world events, but rather an integral part of a world where public and private organisations must actively manage risks such as theft of data and physical property, threats to staff, threats from disgruntled staff and former staff, mentally unstable visitors and visitors with a grudge – even outright terrorism in our major cities.

“This means the cost of safeguarding against threats to public and private facilities has risen steeply, as more and more security personnel are brought on board,” says Fisher, who is managing director of Boon Edam Australia, part of a global network of Boon Edam companies operating in 27 countries including those in Europe, North America and Asia where government and private organisation security is a major and expanding issue.

In recent years, Boon Edam has experienced a 25 per cent rise in the global market for security revolving doors, used as part of its layered suite of security access technologies at the entrance to and inside sensitive facilities. The company caters to the entrance security needs of dozens of Fortune 500 companies across the world.

The Australian security market also shows a similar trend as major organisations search for ways to balance the expanding cost of manned security guards against the ROI of automated systems, which allow efficient manned security personnel to be reassigned to areas where they can be most effective, thereby, reducing the growing private security bill.

“Manned and automated security are not competing protections – one complements the other. Our experience globally with Fortune 500 private corporates – and with major government organisations including legislatures and data centres – is that automated systems frequently allow manned security to be reallocated to other areas where their presence is most required. This increases the overall level of security, while bringing down the overall cost,” Fisher explained. 

Introduction of advanced technology such as Boon Edam’s comprehensive suite of security entrances responds to expanded awareness throughout Australasia of physical threats to people, property and data facilities, including warnings from police and Government to maintain higher levels of awareness and security planning than in the past, Fisher observed.

Tourlock 180+90 security revolving doors

Boon Edam’s automated Tourlock 180+90 revolving door systems offer five major advantages for exterior and interior use within public and private buildings, including:

High-traffic volumes

The revolving door allows up to 20 people a minute in both directions each way while tightly controlling security and allowing expensive manned security to be reallocated to areas where they are essential.

Eliminates tailgating

The problem of tailgating, by which unauthorised people can follow authorised people into sensitive areas, is eliminated.

Supports anti-passback technologies

Tourlock 180+90 supports anti-passback technologies that prevent users from passing cardholder credentials to an unauthorised person for improper access, which could lead to misuse of a given access control system.

Compatible with any access control system

The revolving door system is compatible and ready for integration with virtually any access control system, reducing costs of installation and facilitating adoption of new technologies.

Intuitive operation

The intuitive use of the system allows simple access to authorised employees and visitors, making compliance with security protocols unobtrusive, and streamlining traffic flow.

Boon Edam’s latest Tourlock 180+90 revolving door system is designed for mobility hotspots such as entrances to corporate headquarters and diplomatic and government agencies, as well as high-traffic tourist, transport, retail, logistics and healthcare facilities.

“This latest Tourlock 180+90 system is a 24/7 solution offering high volume capabilities (20 people each way per door a minute) proven by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies. It is a superbly flexible, non-intrusive way to control physical access and prevent problems arising from unauthorised access to sensitive facilities and areas. It is also an outstandingly cost-effective and reliable way to overcome the problems inherent in expensive manned security systems,” Fisher added.

Boon Edam has also established door service networks throughout Australia and New Zealand to optimise reliability and efficiency of their revolving door and security entrance systems.