The AVENTOS overhead lift system moves cabinet fronts up and out of the way. Fronts hold in any position giving users freedom of movement in kitchens and the home.

In the planning stages of designing a new kitchen, it’s important to consider customers’ needs and wants, especially around their storage and functionality requirements. A well-thought-out cabinet solution will make optimal use of the storage space available and enhance everyday kitchen workflows.

AVENTOS from Blum brings top quality motion to wall cabinets and continues to be a popular request when it comes to residential kitchen designs. Picking up on latest trends and offering the right fitting ideas to create a kitchen your customers will love, Blum offers overhead cabinet lift systems to suit almost every storage requirement.

Advantages of overhead cabinet lift systems

No matter what the application, overhead lift systems beat conventional kitchen doors in many ways. Opening upwards, overhead lift systems move up and out of the way giving homeowners full freedom of movement in the kitchen. AVENTOS overhead cabinets can open with a single touch, for example with TIP-ON for handle-less furniture or with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening support system by Blum. With the press of a button, they close silently and effortlessly with soft-close BLUMOTION. Even very wide and heavy furniture fronts open with ease.

The front of the cabinet will hold in any position and stay exactly where you want, thanks to the variable stop. All this giving homeowners’ ergonomic access to the cabinet contents and making it easy to use.

Diverse in application and design

Lift systems are very much on trend for handle less furniture. Large, wide fronts and thin gaps can be achieved for an uninterrupted, seamless look. AVENTOS allows you to carry through your design from overhead wall cabinets to base units.

Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems offer a multitude of applications – not just in kitchens but throughout the home. No matter whether bi-fold or up and over, they lift up or stay lift in various sizes, Blum has the right lift system for virtually every application. No matter what height, width, or material, AVENTOS lift systems provides you with countless design possibilities.

Designs supported by quality products

Wall cabinets are usually opened and closed frequently. That’s why Blum’s AVENTOS overhead lift systems are subject to comprehensive durability tests that comprise of more than 80,000 opening and closing cycles. This guarantees high stability and a long service life, giving you the confidence that your designs are supported with the highest of quality products to match your impressive designs.

Specifying Blum is easy

Located on, under support tools for Architects and Designers, dedicated areas are available with specific information including; specification documents, fittings for design trends, and furniture with Blum fittings.

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