More than just a hinge

CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges by Blum combines innovative technology, award-winning design and top quality motion within the smallest space. Products such as CLIP top BLUMOTION is more than just a hinge; it encourages designers to look to Blum for solutions for their creative ideas and individualised designs of cabinets and their fronts.

Perfect motion for every door

BLUMOTION soft-close has been seamlessly integrated into the hinge and designed to open and close with the highest quality of motion. Regardless of the weight of the front or closing speed, thanks to the integrated BLUMOTION, kitchen and furniture doors close silently and effortlessly and will do so for the lifetime of the furniture.

As an added feature, especially for smaller or light weight doors, the BLUMOTION function can easily be deactivated by the switch on the hinge boss and closing the door.

Design possibilities

Designers can choose CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in classic nickel for their designs or in onyx black finishes which integrates perfectly into dark interiors of cabinetry and furniture for a uniform look. Blum’s offering of hinges in nickel and onyx black provides design freedom and plenty of scope for design differentiation that will allow designers to tailor their designs and meet their customer demands for customised furniture.

Specialised applications

As CLIP top BLUMOTION becomes the industry norm, Blum’s range has expanded to include hinges to support specialised applications that specifically cater to varied front thicknesses and opening angles. The modern technology for theses specialised CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges allows for greater opportunity in kitchen design, whilst maintaining quality and perfect motion for the lifetime of the kitchen or furniture.

The popular 0-protrusion feature of a few of these CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges means greater opening angles. A feature that seems so small, can generate big design possibilities. With wider opening angles, more storage space is gained, and therefore is the perfect solution for inner drawers or inner pull-outs that are specified within the cabinet such as Blum’s SPACE TOWER cabinet solution.

EXPANDO T from Blum allows for the mounting of thin fronts and doors starting at 8 mm up to 14 mm. This speciality hinge provides designers with a wide range of thin material options such as MDF, concrete, natural stone and ceramic just to name a few. For those designs that require support for thicker fronts, the upcoming CLIP top BLUMOTION 125° hinge will be available from October 2020. This new hinge not only enables the mounting of thicker doors, but can also be used on a range of different materials starting at 25 mm up to 39 mm.

Blum products are backed up by their rigorous research and testing, ensuring Architects and Designers peace of mind when specifying. Be inspired by Blum’s range of hinges. 

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