Furniture users all agree you can never have too much storage space throughout the home, but how can you create even more space and improve ergonomics, especially in the kitchen?

The new AVENTOS HK top overhead lift system from Blum offers just that. By swapping cabinet doors for an overhead lift system like Blum’s AVENTOS HK top, it’s possible to achieve easy access and better workflows in the kitchen. The front moves up and out of the way, allowing clear access to the entire contents of the cupboard, preventing ducking and weaving around open cabinet doors or opening and closing doors as you are preparing food or emptying a dishwasher.

Beautifully functional

Now even smaller in size, AVENTOS HK top harmonises beautifully with the cabinet interior thanks to its clean-cut design. Installed close to the top panel, its minimalist cover caps are available in light grey, dark grey and white, allowing for the lift system to either blend into the cabinets inner side, or to add a deliberate contrast.

Although compact in size, this powerful fitting is even suitable for large overhead wall cabinets including those with large heavy fronts. Thanks to the variable stop technology, cabinetry fronts are opened with ultimate ease giving users easy access to contents and will always be within easy reach for closing regardless of the weight of the front.

Suitable for a variety of cabinets, AVENTOS HK top comes with soft close BLUMOTION as standard, or it can be equipped with Blum’s mechanical TIP-ON opening support system to compliment handle-less designs. With just a touch to the front, the cabinet front will open so that it can be easily moved up and out of the way.

To further enhance functionality, SERVO-DRIVE electric support system is also compatible with AVENTOS HK top. The lift system glides open at a single touch on fronts and by pressing the switch which is within easy reach on the face of the cabinet, and the lift system closes softly and effortlessly.

Impressive quality

Blum products are backed up by their rigorous research and testing, ensuring Architects and Designers peace of mind when specifying. Blum has been observing consumers and their behaviours in kitchens around the world for well over 60 years which has allowed them to develop products that truly have a positive impact on the consumer and how they use their kitchen and living spaces throughout the home for the lifetime of their kitchen.