Bildspec Operable Walls continues to fulfil the highest individual needs of our many and various clients with the recent completion of Phillips Head Office Project.

Bildspec’s operable walls are often utilised to allow clients greater flexibility with their office spaces, through the creation of meeting rooms, board rooms, breakout rooms and multipurpose break out spaces.  These operable walls offer each application varying acoustic properties, that are not only fit for purpose but also highly attractive and user friendly.

One space can be turned into multiple, smaller spaces, whether it is turning a large open plan area into a series of meeting rooms, or sectioning off rest, eat or play areas away from the busy working environment. Operable walls allow a limited transfer of sound from the external office into the smaller individual space. 

Customers can choose between glass, or a combination of multiple solid materials including timber veneers, high pressure laminates, 2 pack polyurethane, colour back glass and fabrics face finishes.  The choice depends on the look, feel and acoustic environment you are trying to create in the office.

Apart from creating a flexible space, the operable wall is able to greatly reduce a significant amount of external noise from passing through the operable wall into each of the divided spaces.  This reduction of sound is measured in Rw (Weighted Sound Reduction Index).  Furthermore, various face finishes used on the surface of each operable wall can improve the NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient)/reverberation of the space through sound absorption. 

In the Phillips Head Office Project, Bildspec Operable Walls have used Woven Image Meridian material, in conjunction with Vitreous Enamel Magnetic Whiteboards to provide a second functional use for this room divider. The bottom panel is made from a hard wearing Laminex Laminate. What this achieves is a moving wall system with various secondary functions.

Woven Image Meridian is a 12mm thick sound absorbing material, with an NRC Value of 0.45.  It is made of PET which is a 65% recycled material.  As show in the adjacent image, the material contains grooves throughout the surface to alter sound waves and also gives it a unique and interesting look. The colour used in this wall is Meridian 365.

Bildspec also uses high quality Vitreous enamel whiteboards, which makes for a superior surface from which to erase pen marks. Other operable wall suppliers tend to use cheaper acrylic based products that mark/stain easily and are harder to clean in the long term.

The Laminex veneer used in this operable wall is hard wearing and a great surface to resist daily impact from both furniture and people - what a great result!

Bildspec lead the industry with our manufacturing/install times due to our superior Australian-made materials and components. We look forward to helping you with your next Operable Wall project.

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