According to the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, waterproofing makes up 1% of a building’s construction costs, yet water leaks and the resultant damage account for 80% of all building defect costs. In internal wet areas, tiled walls often fail due to incorrect combinations of materials, substrate issues or poor installation practices. Architects and builders who specify substrate products for tiled walls in residential and commercial projects want to have confidence that the system they are installing will perform to expectations.

Next Generation Linings: Substrates and Waterproofing Systems for Tiled Walls (Internal Wet Area Applications) takes a deep dive into the waterproofing requirements for tiled walls in internal wet areas and design considerations for waterproofing systems. We outline the basic components of a waterproofing system. We then consider the consequences of poor waterproofing in terms of property damage, occupant health and financial loss. Finally, we provide guidance on choosing the best substrate for your waterproofing system, highlighting new technologies that will help you achieve compliance.

Whether your project is commercial or residential, BGC Plasterboard has a solution for you. The company provides builders, developers and architects with a range of design alternatives and innovative products such as GTEK™ Premium Gypsum Technology. The GTEK™ Barrier is ideal as a substrate under tiles and can even be used in high traffic areas when not tiled. The qualities of this innovative board are due to the celluloic glass fibre scrim on the face and back which provides superior moisture and humidity resistance.

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