The GTEK plasterboard range provides a series of interior design solutions combined with premium quality products. Our team of technical specialists will work with you to meet your project’s needs. We continue to reduce our environmental footprint through our sustainable ethos. With strict quality control systems in place, our plasterboard manufacturing plant strives to achieve zero plasterboard waste. Our entire Australian GTEK plasterboard range is quality tested and easy to install.

Our product range has full BGC systems compatibility. When you make a purchase from the GTEK range, you are assured of top quality products along with class-leading service. 

With our GECA-certified GTEK Wall and Ceiling plasterboard, you can specify with confidence the best in lightweight building and design solutions, while having the assurance that our manufacturing processes deliver the highest standards of quality, value, choice and sustainability.

Our extensive plasterboard range


Comprising of a gypsum core wrapped by protective paper lining made from recycled paper, GTEK Wall creates a flat, smooth and blemish-free surface. Paint takes readily to our high-quality plasterboard, making it perfect for internal walls in residential and commercial applications. 

GTEK Ceiling

If you’re looking for lightweight plasterboard for ceilings, GTEK Ceiling creates a smooth continuous finish. The 10mm ceiling plasterboard is a cost-effective ceiling lining system ideal for residential and commercial interiors.

GTEK Curve

GTEK Curve is a flexible plasterboard that enables creative execution of curves for internal walls and ceilings, resulting in uniquely stunning designs. GTEK Curve features recessed edges for continuous surfaces once joined and flushed.

GTEK Cornice

Accompanying our extensive range of plasterboard sheets, the GTEK Cornice range comprises of cove and decorative cornices, adding luxurious finishing touches to interior wall and ceiling joints. Available in three profiles, our cornices are easy to install and suited to all internal applications. 

GTEK Smartwall

Applied to double brick construction, drywall lining is used instead of traditional plaster. Our premium interior wall solution, GTEK Smartwall technology creates smooth internal plasterboard walls with an efficient installation process, giving an easy to maintain finish that is resistant to settling and cornice cracking. 

Impact and sound resistant products

GTEK Impact

The impact resistant plasterboard, GTEK Impact is ideal for high traffic areas where walls are subjected to regular stress. Impact resistant plasterboards are perfect for residential and commercial applications including rooms where furniture is regularly moved such as hallways and garages through to high traffic commercial applications such as hospitals, universities and shopping centres. 

GTEK Sound

Designed to reduce sound transmission, GTEK Sound is high-density plasterboard, ideal for quiet stress-free environments. We offer ceiling solutions that offer a combination of aesthetics and functional performance. 

GTEK Phonic

GTEK Phonic is a perforated plasterboard used to create beautiful ceilings that achieve high levels of acoustic performance. The panel perforations combined with the acoustic fabric and insulation reduce echo and noise reverberation to create a more comfortable environment for work, leisure, and education. 

Fire resistant solutions

Our Fire and Acoustic guide is designed to help architects, specifiers, designers, builders, and contractors source the most effective fire and acoustic solutions for every project. Whether it’s fire rated plasterboard or technical specification information, our GTEK Fire & Acoustic Guide provides solutions. Our fire-resistant combinations have been assessed to comply with Australian Standards and National Building Code.

Joint compounds

GTEK manufactures an extensive range of joint compounds including Base Coat, Top Coat and All Purpose Lightweight. These compounds have been specifically developed by BGC Plasterboard to ensure ease of application and enabling a high quality of finish when used in conjunction with GTEK plasterboards. Our range of compounds also includes wet area solutions such as BGC Exterior and Wet Area Base and Top Coats, which are premixed and ready to use, with high levels of water resistance as the end result. 

We also manufacture a complete range of adhesives developed by our team of technical specialists to complement our jointing range of compounds. GTEK Cornice Cement is ideal for bonding cornices to plasterboard walls and ceilings. Our Stud Adhesive is effective in bonding plasterboard to stud and masonry walls. 

These adhesives have been designed and developed by BGC Plasterboard to ensure ease of application and a strong bond when used in conjunction with the GTEK Plasterboard range. 

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

We operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Perth. Our extensive distribution network ensures that our GTEK product range is readily available in WA, SA and VIC.

Specialist GTEK Team

Our passionate team of technical specialists can assist you with specification and design information. We offer bespoke one-on-one consultation for our GTEK Protect range.