GTEK Protect, a double wall system from BGC Plasterboard was selected by Saw Constructions for the intertenancy walls at a large townhouse project in Keysborough, VIC. The project involved the construction of 110 two-storeyed townhouses.

Saw Constructions needed to achieve an FRL of 60/60/60 and Rw+Ctr of 50 for the intertenancy walls. After considering several options, the builder decided to install GTEK Protect.

The GTEK Protect system incorporates fire-resistant 25mm plasterboard panels within the wall cavity. Providing design flexibility, simple construction and excellent acoustic performance, GTEK Protect enabled Saw Constructions to construct the walls quickly and efficiently. An added advantage for the builder was the scheduling of material deliveries by BGC to suit the workflow onsite.

Andrew Gillepsie, Senior Business Manager, Saw Constructions appreciated BGC’s willingness to work with them on deliveries as well as the suitability of their products; he is also confident Saw Constructions will work with BGC on future projects.