A range of Eco-Rubber Bark is now available from Barking Mad Australia . The ecologically friendly rubber bark is manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled rubber and is ideal for use as plant mulch.

The Eco-Rubber Bark comes in a range of beautiful colours that will enhance any garden area. Available colours are light and dark browns, green, terracotta and black. The colour of the rubber mulch has many years of life, so will require only infrequent top ups.

Eco-Rubber Bark helps to nurture plants and to seriously reduce the number of weeds growing in plant beds. It is non-absorbant, meaning that all available water will be used by the plants alone.

The range of rubber bark is easy to maintain, making it a perfect mulch for use in:

  • playgrounds,
  • garden beds,
  • pot plants,
  • child care centres,
  • and many more applications.
More information about the eco-friendly range of rubber bark is available by contacting Barking Mad Australia.