Reliable and trusted relationships are critical to project success at all stages of the architecture, design, and construction process. Knowledge sharing and collective problem solving not only bring peace of mind to the project team — but they also drive innovation, collaboration and, overall, better outcomes.

The same goes for product manufacturers and suppliers. Collaborative relationships based on expertise and information exchange guarantee that architects and designers will get the best products for their projects — and manufacturers can continue to refine their offerings based on specific client needs.

Interior acoustic solution experts, Autex, put a strong focus on collaboration and communication with their clients to get the best possible outcomes — every time.

The company has a dedicated in-house design team that works closely with all parts of the business to provide creative solutions to clients' acoustic treatment briefs. They also ensure that new and innovative solutions are developed and communicated to the industry. Autex's design team works in tandem with their sales team to provide documentation and advice that is beneficial for both their installer network and architectural offices around the country.

On top of that, the team plays a direct role in solving problems for Autex's customers. Through 'personalised consultation strategy meetings' they ideate creative, design-based solutions that fit both the functional and visual requirements of the project. They also specialise in taking clients' design ideas and turning them into manufacturable realities that minimise waste and provide cost savings wherever possible.

The design team offers several technical capabilities to make the process even smoother. They can create 3D models and supporting documentation for client use, as well as supplying manufacturing support via cut files and layout drawings, site and install reference documentation.

Autex's design team plays a crucial role in ensuring all client requirements are incorporated to create a bespoke outcome specific to each project.

Autex prides itself on the ability to provide tailored solutions — and their innovative series of acoustic treatment products and services enables further customisation — ensuring that their products fit the bespoke requirements of any application.

Precision cutting is key to the success of acoustic treatments; Autex offers water cutter services in both Victoria and Queensland, along with CNC router capability also in Victoria. The CNC router is ideal for V-notching, which is perfect for incorporating folds and butt joints. The machine also enables bevel and chamfer cuts.

In addition to precision shaping, Autex can completely customise offerings to create unique wall, ceiling, and desk solutions. There are customisable panel lengths available across the entire product suite and, in addition to the broad range of colour options already available, tailored colours can be achieved in consultation with the design team.

But these design and collaboration-based advantages are only possible thanks to a highly reliable product.

Autex's range of acoustic treatment solutions consist of a variety of wall, floor, and ceiling tiles — which are also available in 3D shapes — as well as fins, baffles, and dividers. Their products are designed to be easy to install and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

Made from 100% polyester fibre, they are easy to clean and certified low-VOC, making them hypo-allergenic and safe for use around people with respiratory issues. In addition, the products are manufactured using recycled materials wherever possible, and Autex engages in a range of sustainability initiatives aimed at offsetting the unavoidable carbon footprint of manufacturing and supply.

Having a collaborative relationship with suppliers and contractors can mean the difference between just completing a project and creating something truly unique and fit for purpose. Backed by an impressive product, Autex's sales and design teams are always available to work closely with architects and designers to ensure that every project gets a bespoke, functional solution that is both time and cost-effective — achieving the best client outcomes, every time.