Injuries caused by trips, slips and falls cost the Australian economy billions of dollars every year in workers’ compensation, productivity loss and insurance claims. Flooring surfaces and stairs are the primary design elements associated with fall injuries. As the Australian population ages, and more people suffer from vision-impairment or other disabilities, specifiers need to understand the best practice for specifying fit-for-purpose and aesthetically-pleasing safety floor accessories for commercial spaces.

'A specifier’s guide to high performing, aesthetically-pleasing safety floor accessories' examines the role of safety flooring accessories in creating safer building environments. We discuss the regulatory impact of unsafe flooring, followed by a summary of the main causes of trips, slips and falls. We explore the key considerations when specifying tactile plates and stair nosings, notably slip resistance and luminance contrast. Finally, we present a range of high quality, code-compliant solutions from the market leaders in tactile plates and stair nosings.

The total flooring solution, Australian Flooring Supplies (AFS) is both a design-led flooring company and Australia’s largest flooring accessory distributor. With a wide range of flooring products, from premium laminates, luxury vinyl planks and stylish carpet tiles to renowned floor preparation products, tools and accessories, AFS assists architects, designers and builders to create strong, beautiful and high performing floors.

Download this whitepaper to see how designers and specifiers can reduce the risk of physical injury in commercial and public spaces through the smart specification of tactile plates  and stair nosings.